Chapter 174

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There was an obvious commotion and people were running around. Someone had been shot outside. Paul groaned and pushed the girl out of his lap. Where was his lover? As everyone ran outside to see what was going on, Paul looked about and realised he was probably outside as well. Stepping into the car park he observed people bunched together. Then he noticed the car.


He pushed through the crowd to get a better look and realised that it was James lying down on the ground in a pool of blood as people tried to apply pressure to his stomach. They had called an ambulance and were doing all they could to keep him alive until they arrived.

“It’s awfully exciting. I wonder what happened?” said a short fat man that was standing beside him.

“Probably a jilted lover?” suggested another.

“Was he a patron?” asked one of the girls.

“I don’t know who he is. Does anyone recognise this man?”

Everyone shook their heads. Someone hopped into the car and pulled out his wallet.

“He seems to be pretty well off,” said the guy, pulling out the wads of cash. This made Paul grate his teeth in anger. When he recalled the trouble he had in getting payment from this tosser.

“Is there a driver’s licence?”

“Yeah. James is his name. Lives on the other side of town. Wonder what he was doing out here? Probably trying to get some action by the looks of the cash.”

The first witnesses chimed in, “There was a guy.” Followed by others. “A guy ran away when he saw us.” “I wonder why he shot him?” “He was dressed in black and a hoodie so we couldn’t see his face.” “Is he still here?” “He ran away.”

Just then the police arrived with the ambulance in tow.

A hand squeezed his shoulder and he turned, gazing at his beloved.

“Let’s get out of here. I am getting claustrophobic and want to sleep.”

Paul smiled and almost ran to his car in happiness.

Unfortunately, they had to wait until they had both given their statements to the police before they could leave. Each second felt like a lifetime but eventually they were let through and out of the car park. Finally they were on their way to a hotel and to each other’s embrace.

Paul wondered what had happened. Perhaps James didn’t pay someone else and that was his punishment? Hmm he had to kill him first or he wouldn’t get paid and money was short. Surely Frank didn’t organise competition? With Frank, you never know.

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