Chapter 101

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Sharline was living in her own personal hell. No one would tell her what was going on and she had seemed to have lost her ability to speak. If only she had died out there in the alley rather then live in this agony! When she left her home, she took no identification with her thus they didn't even know her name. Curiously, Paul appeared to have more than one. Not that she was surprised! The doctor had come in and told her that Michael was doing well and was in intensive care. His condition was stable for now and they would be monitoring him. Michael? She couldn't even ask who Michael was. Assuming they spoke of Paul, she let it slide.

Damn her voice and damn her body.

It was all defying her and refusing to cooperate just when she needed it the most They had drips and monitors attached to her. The most she could do was gently wriggle her fingers but apparently this was normal for trauma victims.


She refused to be a victim any longer! Yet, how was she to carry on a normal life when she couldn't even get up and go to the toilet on her own?


Where was he? What was he doing? Was he looking for her? Did he assume she had run off with Paul?

So many questions. That was all she could do at present. Ask herself a million answer-less questions.

A different nurse came in and checked her drip and vitals, made a note on her chart and looked at her with sorrow.

"You'll be fine soon," she said as she patted her hair and left her on her own again in the cold, sterile room.

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