Chapter 115

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Arianrhod was frustrated, angry and disappointed. Frustrated because she had worked so hard to get James, angry that she has to get rid of him or lose her job and disappointed with all the men in her life. How dare James treat her like she didn't matter?! How dare her father give her such an unreasonable ultimatum!?! 

She stood in front of her closet and surveyed the contents. Selecting a more slinky outfit, she applied darker than usual makeup and almost ran to the car. Refusing to cry, she turned her stereo on and found the most hard core, heavy metal song she could and tried to channel her anger instead. No-one was going to make her feel like a fool. 

Entering an old, forgotten club that she had frequented regularly once upon a time, Arianrhod smiled as the familiarity enveloped her in its embrace. Faces she had once known intimately, greeted her as she pushed past the throng of bodies, squashed together in the dark.

Still furious and pumped up from the drive and by the music, she went to the bar and ordered a special club mix that would knock her socks off. James' behaviour was inexcusable! How dare he take her for granted! After all the sacrifices she had made for him and the laws she was willing to break to keep him! A child. That is what he was acting like. She needed a man!

An arm snaked its way about her waist and she smelt a fragrance she had once worn herself. Turning, her eyes locked with Sera's. They were lovers and friends for a very long time, then her threesome separated them.

Sera was a butch, larger lady but she was always well dressed and presentable. Arianrhod was normally attracted to more lipstick ladies but the connection they shared was deeper than looks. Taking her in, she noticed that Sera now wore a wedding band.

"Married?" she asked.

She laughed in response and shook her head.

"My mother passed away last year and I wear her band in memory. Where have you been hiding? Have you come back for me finally?"

Arianrhod grabbed her and kissed her instead.

Sera, however, pulled away and said, "I won't let you hurt me again. I am getting too old for games. You either want to try and make us work or we leave it at a casual run in at the bar."

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