Chapter 103

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The Hellish Saints had decided to get together again and the old abandoned warehouse seemed like the logical place to do so. They hadn't used the old haunt for a couple of weeks and the new location had far too many outsiders complaining of their presence. The gang of bikers totalled over an hundred in total and once all the eye candy is added, the number could top nearly two hundred! They had their own band and everything they needed. Large quantities of alcohol were secured as were other party treats.

By midnight the place was rocking.

Come two in the morning, one of the members had uncovered a door that led to a passage underground. They followed it and discovered another door, locked. A couple of shots fired at the stubborn door and it swung open to reveal a very interesting layout.

There was a bondage-style dungeon, complete with various fetish equipment and another door. More shots were fired and the door swung open as easily as the last. This led to another corridor, with another locked door. Having come this far, the group of bikers continued their shooting trend and unlocked the final door. 

What appeared to be an underground hospital of sorts, was kitted out with numerous hospital beds and drips. There was fresh blood on the sheets, indicating that the rooms were used recently.

Maybe the old abandoned warehouse wasn't as abandoned as they thought?

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