Chapter 131

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As the Detective sped down the road, he noticed someone in the distance walking towards him. Strange place for a person to be on their own. He slowed down and stopped across the road. The young man was a hitch-hiker and going in the opposite direction.

"Hey! You! Did you see a black van race through here?"

The young man looked at him with piercing blue eyes and a gentle smile, replying, "Sure did. It was going that way," he pointed down the road, "but I am going this way."

"Thank you!" shouted Harrison and went to take his foot off the brakes when he realised something.

"If I take you up this way, I can drop you off at a bus stop. You will be hard pressed to find anyone going in that direction here at this hour. Want a lift?"

The man smiled and shook his head.

"I can see you are in a rush and don't want to put you out. Thank you for asking."

"No problems. I'll ask once more, then I'm off."

The young man laughed and jogged over to the car, "How can I refuse? Thanks heaps for this."

Harrison smiled as he opened the passenger door and let the young man in.

"I used to hitch-hike when I was young and know the risks and the long waits. Besides, this is no longer a safe town, like it was when I was young."

The man shook his head sadly and said, "Thank you again. I am supposed to meet my girl tonight but was mugged and so am walking home. This means a lot to me."

Detective Harrison shook his head and tsked to himself.

"Let's try and turn your luck around then. Maybe your luck will rub off onto me too!"

The man smiled and nodded.

"I hope it does."

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