Chapter 130

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He jumped back into the car and started searching desperately through the glove-box compartment. Throwing the contents onto the passenger seat, he frowned and jumped back out of the van, tossing his mobile phone onto the ground.

By the side of the road he saw what he needed, a large rock.

Back into the van he hopped and he turned it around to face the river, leaving it running as he jumped out again for the umpteenth time. He collected the rock he found and carried it over to the van, carefully placing it on the accelerator. 


Having used the river in the past, he knew that it was quite deep and could hold the van easily. He opened the back and addressed the frightened girls, "Nice knowing you. Now you get to feed the fish."

Slamming the door shut, he carefully released the brake and jumped out of the way as the van lurched through the shrubs and into the river. He stood and watched it submerge completely, before he covered his tracks and cleaned the road of debris as well.

This was so much easier than he expected!

He collected his phone and called his mistress.

"Honey, I am walking as fast as I can. If I can catch a cab I will. I was mugged and everything was stolen!"

She gasped and started crying.

"Baby, don't cry. We leave tonight to start our new life together. Please make sure there is enough hot water for me to have a bath when I get home."

He grinned as he realised everything was falling into place and the past few days of stress were not going to follow him into his new life of fatherhood.

Hearing a vehicle in the distance, he raised a thumb and waited, hoping to get a lift into town.

This was turning out to be an awesome day!

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