Chapter 137

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Paul bounced out of the hospital grounds, in high spirits and good humour. Nothing would get him down today! The cute little nurse, that he promised to stay in touch with, would monitor the situation with "Crystal" and he was free to go! The things women did for a bit of affection, never ceased to amaze him!

Life is grand!

There were people he needed to see and situations he needed to address with urgency. Which should he focus on first? Which would bring him the most in return?

He walked over to the taxi rank and hailed a cab, giving an address that was not his own.

First thing is first, business had been left unattended while he sojourned in hospital and now he had to make up for lost time. Some things had been getting out of hand and now needed his full attention.

How else would he afford the lifestyle he desired?

Also, there was a girl he needed to see... for more obscure reasons.

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