Chapter 144

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I had decided that whoever was out there was not someone that I wanted any closer to my home.

With the help of the internet and my new online friends, I sourced devices that would enhance the security of my property. I erected a new fence, a metre inside my property to prevent the animals from getting too close to my external fence.


Because I had managed to find a way to bring electrical current into play. Woven into the green fence were wires that were so sensitive that the slightest warmth from a hand would sizzle and cause the person such pain they would never stick their hands in again!

What of the animal life?

Not my pets but the poor unsuspecting birds and bugs? A device that emits an electrical frequency to deter all wildlife from the boundaries was installed as well. Hopefully I wouldn't fry any unsuspecting critter!?

Next, I was advised to install some pretty high tech cameras around the property and border.

If the police couldn't catch them, well I would! Nothing was going to get past without being recorded!

Now I would finally find out who is lurking in my bushes.

Who was going to monitor all this?

Me, myself and I.

I am no longer depending on anyone to look out for me.

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