Chapter 183

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The Frambuesa Lounge. A place of indulgent naughtiness. A place to go and be someone else or be yourself completely. No judgement. No stress. No worries. It is a place to live out all your wildest fantasies and your deepest desires. Whatever you are in to, they have it. A room to yourself and everything you need to make your imagination come to life. All you need is money and no inhibitions. He was not entirely sure how the place escaped police closure but he was glad it existed.

Frank met regularly with Arianrhod here for their domination play. It was one establishment where those who entered and exited, kept the whole – hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil - code of silence. Paul wondered how Frank felt about fucking a girl that was his daughter’s lover as well as his own. He didn’t like to share, so the whole thing with Sharline and the old man freaked him out a little more than he cared to admit.

Paul walked in through the foyer and nodded to the receptionist as he entered the cafe bar. He scanned the crowd, searching for Frank. Someone squeezed his arse and he turned around.

“Care for a drink handsome,” asked a pretty transvestite.

He shook his head and said, “Another time perhaps? I am here on business not for pleasure.”

“Shame. You look like you know how to treat a lady.”

Paul laughed. Oh how deceptive looks could be!

The tranny walked away and found a new target.

He spied Frank sitting in a booth, a young, male slave licking his shoes as the Mistress sat in his lap and stroked his hair. Sigh. Maybe he should have accepted the offer before? He should have realised that this would be informal. Paul walked between the tables and chairs and made his way to Frank.


“Hi. Sit down and join us.” The Mistress popped a breast out and shoved it into Frank’s mouth to suckle.

Paul sat opposite them and looked down at the poor guy in leathers. How could anyone allow themself to be degraded like that? He shook his head and called over a waiter, ordering himself a drink. Frank was busy enjoying himself, completely ignoring him as he feasted on the large breast of the lady in his lap. Maybe he should keep the news of Sharline to himself after all? Just because he was a hired killer didn’t mean he didn’t have any morals. He actually cared about her... at times.

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