Chapter 159

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Paul had no qualms exploiting the women in his life. They were of no consequence. Being bisexual had its advantages but he always longed to be home and safely tucked in the arms of another man. Only his man was bi too and this proved to be a harder pill to swallow than he ever thought possible. They never discussed the women in their lives but neither did they discuss their future together. A few stolen dinners and kisses, perhaps a couple of amazing nights together but that was all. It made him angry and in turn he lashed out at the stupid women he had surrounded himself with.

Sharline was one such beard. If only she had been satisfied with the occasional visits! She wanted to settle down and have a family; understandable at her age but not what he had wanted. Paul wanted his cake and to be able to eat it too.  He had managed to get himself caught up in the clutches of four women and couldn’t dispose of any at present. It was giving him a terrible amount of angst. The man he wanted to be with was married and had kids. A real bear!  Men and women alike fawned over him and it made him smash his fist into the table.

He had to sort out his affairs and get his life back on track.

Then he had to get rid of the female in his lover’s life too.


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