Chapter 102

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The casual rendezvous with the young policeman had become a regular past time. Funnily, since his arrival, there were no more flashes of light and no more poisoned chunks of meat. Paul and the others had disappeared as well!

All was well with my universe again.

Whenever he arrives, we go straight to my dungeon and lock the doors, losing not only hours but once days as well! He knew how to use his handcuffs and wasn't afraid to experiment, much to my delight! We never left my house, as I preferred the safety of home and my critters and he never once made a fuss about it. He was so understanding!

I looked at my leather ensemble and smiled. The whip in my hands had been used in such a way so as not leave visible marks. He had a reputation to uphold after all. The candles gave the whole place an eerie glow and my heart raced. I was so turned on by him strapped to the torture table, stretched and bound. Walking over to his head, I sat on his face and commanded him to lick and not stop until I said so. Being a good boy he complied much to my disappointment. My hand itched to use the whip again.

The rush of power made me dizzy and I swayed. 

This had to be the best way to live!

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