Chapter 132

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Frank rose from the bed and buttoned his shirt. The girl that the had collected from the cafe was sprawled across Sharline's bed and suddenly that made him very angry.

Yanking on the sheet, he grunted, "Out! It was fun but now I need you gone."

The girl clutched the blanket to her naked form and stuttered, "W-w-what have I done wrong? Aren't you pleased with me? It isn't my fault you are having a guilt trip. I thought we were both consenting adults!"

He gritted his teeth and angrily hauled the girl out of the bed. It was a mistake. He shouldn't have soiled the sheets with this girl.

She clambered to her feet and hastily pulled on her clothes, screaming at him, "Psycho! What the hell is your problem?"

This angered him more and he was mid-swing when the phone rang. 


He fumbled with the mobile only to realise it was not her that was calling.


He looked up at the ceiling and let out a long sigh. The girl took this opportunity to flee from the room and out the door, yelling as she slammed it, "She probably ran away from you, you crazy arsehole!"

The anger filled him and he threw the mobile at the closing door, releasing some of his frustrations.

Where was Sharline? What did Arianrhod want now?

Retrieving his mobile phone, he called her to find out.

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