Chapter 196

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“It’s been taken care of Miss York.”


“Was there anything else?”

“I need to make sure the other matter is handled delicately.”

“You mean your father is not to find out?”


“That is going to be tricky Miss and it could turn nasty.”

“You will be compensated accordingly.”

“Money is not what I am concerned about.”

“What is?”

“Your father has a temper and will not be pleased once he learns of my last assignment. Should he discover that I am responsible for this new task as well, my head will roll.”

“Let me take care of it.”

“No offense Miss but I fear your father more.”

“Well that makes you a stupid man.”

“Not really Miss. Just a man that would like to see his grandkids one day.”

“Will you do it or not?”

“I will but it needs to be handled a little differently.”

“How so?”

“I need time.”

“Time? There is none. You need to carry this out tonight.”

“Miss, they have him on police watch.”

“Let me take care of that as well.”

“Shall we go now?”

“Why wait?”

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