Chapter 116

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The severed head was rolled away in the corner with the dead bodies. Another girl had died in the past few hours and the forecast for the rest of the girls was grim at best. Melissa, the girl that had been forced to clean the blood had passed out with exhaustion and was nearly dead herself.

They had all blamed Kali and Tara but secretly they knew that it was really no-one's fault. He was toying with them, like mice.

"I want to go home," declared a girl that had never spoken before. She was weak and seated near the dead bodies.

Everyone hushed and contemplated home themselves.

"How?" cried Tara. "We were nearly killed because Kali tried to escape and free us. How do we go home?"

The girl that had declared that she wanted to go home, clambered over the bodies and into the front seat. All the remaining girls begged her to return because of what they had experienced the last time someone tried to escape. She ignored them and pulled off the plastic cover under the steering wheel. Yanking out the cords, she looked at them in the dim light, trying to work out which was which.

"Do you know what you are doing? Don't get us all killed by trying something you saw on tv!" exclaimed Sienna.

"My boyfriend went to jail for this. Trust me, I know what I am doing."

She sparked the wires and the engine came to life. Quickly she put the car in reverse and crashed out of the garage. He came running in, wielding a gun and aiming it at her face.

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