Chapter 118

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The court case had not gone as well as it should have because he had been wrapped up the in the dramas created by Arianrhod. Women! Why did they make life so difficult? He shook his head as he closed the door to his office and sat in his big, leather chair. The phone rang and he noticed it was her. He didn't have time for her mood swings. Instead he grabbed his things and went home, where she didn't have the keys to just barge in unannounced.

As he drove into the property, he realised just how much he craved personal space. He didn't like having Arianrhod's claws in him. There had to be a way to get rid of her. Nicely. He couldn't risk another disposal. Things were already heated enough. He needed a long shower and sleep.

Upon waking, he realised that his phone hadn't been inundated with the usual missed calls and messages. Usually if she called and he didn't answer, she would leave message after message and call over and over until he responded. Now, one call and silence. He pulled out the sim card and checked it before inserting it into his phone once more, turned it on and still nothing. Strange. Not that he was complaining. He grabbed a bite to eat and returned to visit some old haunts.

It was while he was standing at the bar that he saw her. She had left the house! With some guy too. Asking around, he found out that the man who was dancing suggestively with her was a police officer. Interesting. He wondered if others knew.

Still no call or contact from Arianrhod. Should he care enough to worry? Probably not. If she had gotten herself disposed of, all the better for him. Or was it? He could be framed! Quickly, he downed his drink and went home, sending her a message as he drove.

"Wondering where you are. Normally you aren't so quiet. Hope you aren't still mad."

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