Chapter 161

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Sharline listened as the young nurse, whom she discovered was called Nancy, chattered away with her friends in her room. They often congregated there as they thought her harmless and unaware of their conversations. There were five voices she heard but Sharline was unsure if there were others there too, simply listening but not providing input.

“My boyfriend asked me to get branded. I think I might do it. Prove my love with a stamp on my rump!”

The other girls burst into a combination of laughter and horrified gasps. The one that had stated that was always the loudest and crudest, wanting her five minutes of fame and centre of attention glory.

“Will you? Seriously? What if you break up?” said the girl with the soft voice; the voice of reason and sensibility.

“Do it! It will be awesome!” grunted a deeper female voice.

Nancy, not wanting the attention to be redirected from her, took control and asked, “What is the most outrageous thing you have done for a guy?”

“I was in a threesome porno with two other girls,” claimed the cattle-girl.

“No surprise there,” thought Sharline.

“I went bungie jumping,” piped the sunny voice, who had on previous occasion stated that she walked her dog by the river every day in hope of meeting her soul-mate.

“I moved interstate. I guess it was good, looking back now but at the time I had to leave my family and friends behind to follow love,” said the sensible girl.

“Me? Never did anything crazy or outrageous for a guy but I did go back-packing through Thailand to be with a girl I fancied. I heard via the grapevine that she was going with a mutual friend, so I kind of invited myself along,” drawled the deep-voiced girl.

“Well I nearly committed murder for a guy I love!”

Suddenly the room went quiet as what the dizzy Nancy said sank into realisation.

“Are you mad?” screeched the sunny-voiced girl.

“I said nearly!” protested Nancy, obviously upset that she hadn’t upstaged the loud girl.

“Dang! You are far more messed up than I will ever be – branded or not!” smirked the loud girl.

“I guess we should get back to our rounds,” suggested the sensible girl, as their chairs scratched the surface of the floor, eager to leave the room.

Suddenly, silence.

“I should have just killed you,” whispered Nancy’s voice in her ear so unexpectedly, that Sharline took an audible breath through clenched teeth.

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