Chapter 202

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Natalie was awake. Her memory was a little hazy and she didn’t have a name for the killer but she could describe him to a police officer who was sketching his likeness. Harrison paced the corridor nervously, impatient to start the hunt for the crazed psychopath. He could be with a potential victim right now!

The nurse that had tricked him into sleeping hesitantly walked up to him, and he turned to her with a growl.

“What?” he demanded, a little less gentlemanly that he would have ordinarily addressed a lady.

She cleared her throat and softly stated, “One of the other girls is awake, Sir. I thought you would like to know.”

Letting out a sigh of relief, he asked, “Which one?”

“Kali, Sir.”

“How is Tara?”

“She is still in intensive care, as is Kali. However, Kali has woken and is still quite distressed and drained. You cannot interrogate her yet but you may pop your head in and see her for yourself.”

The detective hugged the nurse and ran past her, to the intensive care unit, leaving her bewildered and slightly embarrassed.

Harrison flashed his badge at the policeman guarding the rooms and stepped inside, only to be detained by the doctor on duty.

“I cannot let you upset the patient.”

Yanking his arm out of the doctor’s clutches, Harrison retorted, “Don’t ever touch me again! I saved their lives. I want to see the girls not give them grief! Let me just look at her.”

The doctor stubbornly refused the detective entry, “No. I am sorry but you may not enter yet. I will inform you when it is safe to do so.”

“But the nurse told me it was ok! How else would I know to come in?”

As he argued with the doctor, a policeman stuck his head inside the room and advised the detective that a likeness had been created. They had a picture of the killer!

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