Chapter 123

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Frank realised that the main reason he had returned was put on hold thanks to the disappearance of Sharline. After days of searching, he had decided to re-check the local hospitals one at a time and verify that she was not there after all. He would do that after he contacted the morgues. Maybe she had been killed by that S.O.B. and he was searching in vain. 

He went to the nearby restaurant and took out his pen and diary and looked over his agenda. Two weeks behind schedule. They were supposed to be out of the country by now! How much did he really love and care for her? Could another pretty young face fill her shoes? Was she really that important to him? Sure they had fun in the sack but time was running out. 

The young waitress came by and took his order but gave him a strange look as she walked away. When she returned with his coffee, he asked, "What seems to have you baffled?"

The young girl blushed and stared at her feet as she mumbled, "You used to come in here with a girl but are now coming in alone. I wondered what's the story."

He laughed and grabbed her hand, bidding her to take a seat. She looked around nervously, for her boss didn't like them slacking off and getting too friendly with the customers. 

Frank pulled out a picture of Sharline and asked, "Do you know her?"

She shook her head.

"She went missing and I am trying to find her."

Biting her lip, she crossed and un-crossed her legs.

"Why were you interested?"

The blush spread and she turned a very bright red from tip to toe.

He laughed a deep, throaty laugh. She could help him get over Sharline.

"When do you finish work? Care to go for a coffee some place?"

The girl stood abruptly and giggled, saying as she walked away, "In an hour."

"I'll wait for you then."

Frank mused over the turn of events. Worrying about Sharline had made him lose focus. Sure he was concerned and would continue his search but every man has needs and desires and this little chicky can help him ease the built up tension in his physical body, allowing him to re-focus on his tasks.

Would it be wrong to take her back to Sharline's place? He smiled as he thought of her reaction. Damn! He really did miss her. A one night stand was nothing and purely a physical need. She would understand. 

She always did.

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