Chapter 136

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Natalie pulled on the sinking body as she pushed her way out of the van and into freedom. She had passed out from pain and blood-loss but somewhere deep inside her the spark to live shone bright. The rising water level urged her to rejoin the human race. On her way out she had hooked an arm around the girl that was tangled by the door and carried them both to the surface!

Survival instincts were strong.

There were two other girls that had made it above water and they hurried to assist her to pull the body of the passed out girl to shore. They laid her on her side and cleared her mouth, pulling her tongue, for fear that she may swallow it, then hit her on her back. One of the girls yelled that that was NOT how you saved a person's life but rather you emptied the mouth then flipped them back over to do CPR.

So they rolled the unconscious girl on her back and pressed on her chest. Unfortunately they were all too weak to do what had to be done. They called over Natalie, who was laying exhausted on the sand and all three of them pushed on the body. 

Suddenly, there was a spluttering of water and what appeared to be gagging. Quickly, they hopped off the girl and she spat the remaining water out of her lungs, breathing labouriously and clutching at the sand.

"I'm not dead?" she squeeked as she looked at the girls around her.

The three remaining girls shook their heads and tumbled onto the sandy grassland, drinking in the elixir of life. 

Air had never tasted sweeter. 

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