Chapter 164

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Sharline found herself in a rare moment alone; no one watching her every movement and the equipment turned off for maintenance. She tried desperately to move and found that her legs twitched and saw her sheet move slightly. Her fingers curled and she strained to sit up, to no avail. In her frustration, she screamed. Sound came out, barely audible but nevertheless sound! Sharline found new strength in this and so she tried once more. Her throat ached as she exerted herself as much as she could; forcing her voice to be released from its constrictive jail.


Was it her imagination? Was she slowly going insane and this was the end? Had she perhaps fallen off her bed and the last few weeks just a bad dream, as she drifted off into the murky depths of death, alone on her apartment floor?

She wriggled her toes and fingers and pain shot up through her. Pain! Straining her neck to see her treacherous body, she tried again, biting her lip in expectant pain. She tasted blood and realised that she could move her tongue, lips and teeth. Her head was still too heavy to lift or move but this was progress; this was hope.

Focusing on the blood, she darted her tongue across her lips, as though they didn’t belong to her and felt the muscles twitch. Her lips tingled and she recognised the pain was real.

She was going to be alright.

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