Chapter 180

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Arianrhod stared out the window, not paying attention to anything in particular as she was still fuming that James had actually left her on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. She just could not comprehend that he would do such a thing! It was only as the car came to a halt did she recognise the house and it wasn’t her own. Why had he brought her here? How did he know?

“Miss York, your father has instructed me to bring you home.”

She stared at him, mouth agape and eyes wide. Stepping out of the vehicle, she stormed up the front stairs, pushing aside the waiting butler. Arianrhod was furious. She still had a few hours. What was the meaning of this?

Her father was in his study, in the same place she had last left him; scotch in hand staring into space as an old record played in the background. It was her parent’s wedding song. Nice to see that the man was human and had feelings. She stood at the door for a couple of minutes but he refused to acknowledge her presence. In the meantime, the driver of the car was standing behind her, waiting patiently for his turn to speak with the boss. When the song ended, he placed his glass carefully on the table beside his chair and stood, walking purposefully to the door. He looked over her shoulder and beckoned the stranger in.

“I hear you bungled the whole thing,” he chastised.

The man nervously twitched and looked at his feet.

“We agreed, no payment until the job was complete. You have until midnight. Thank you for bringing my wayward daughter home. I will add a bonus to your payout should you be successful.”

With a curt nod, the man silently exited the room, leaving Arianrhod alone with her father. Her eyes were glaring like polished stones. He indicated for her to sit down and the hovering butler to pour them drinks. Once they were alone, he turned to her and asked, “So you had everything under control, hey?”

“I did until my car broke down.”

He grinned and she looked at him incredulously. It suddenly dawned on her that he was responsible for that.

The father answered his daughter’s silent question, “You were too emotionally involved and we needed to have the matter resolved. I knew that this would be easiest.”

She jumped up from her chair and spat, “You never gave me a chance! How can I prove myself worthy if you keep babysitting me? Not to mention that you could have killed me! ”

Unperplexed, he barely lifted his eyes to meet hers. Quietly, with the calculation of a wild beast stalking its prey, he responded, “You had a whole week to prove yourself but you have not. There is no point in wishing you were the son I never had, that is how life is. You have all the folly of an emotional female. Look at yourself. Sit down and be calm. Even now you are proving just how unprepared you are for this game. Do you honestly think that I would have let anything happen to you?”

If looks could kill, her eyes would have cleft him in twain! Silently she returned to her seat and covered her face with masked calm. He looked at her and said, “Better. I need you to be in control of yourself before you can be in control of others. Being a dominatrix is all fun and games but honey, this is the real world and the men here will not bend over willingly for you to fuck them in the arse. I had hoped that I could retire this year but it appears not. There was a spark of hope when you dealt with that stupid man who tried to blackmail you. Then you let it all turn to shit because of your affair and interest in that lawyer. You have to choose. The family and the company or a separate life? Tell me now so that I can start readying your successor if you choose the latter.”

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