Chapter 140

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Arianrhod was generally well organised and things generally went according to plan, though tonight was not one of those times. She had left her apartment in a rush and forgotten her mobile phone on the charger. As she drove away, she realised that perhaps she should return and get it but as she was running late, she would just have to forgo the pleasure of having that luxury at her fingertips for the evening.

In a typical comedy of errors or as some would say, Murphy's Law, Arianrhod had a car fault half way down the freeway.

She was late.

She had no phone.

She had broken down.


That had to fill her quotient of bad luck, surely!?! Didn't it always happen in three's?

Wondering if she should exit the vehicle and flag down someone, was appealing but risque. Generally, the only people that stopped were crazy psychopaths and born again Christians. Neither would be good for her health this evening, particularly the way she was rather "un"dressed.

Having scheduled a meeting with James, she was aware that the only way to have him agree to any plan she may have worked out , was to ensnare him in the physical sense. The plan would apease her father and allow her to still see James. 

Slamming her fist into the steering wheel, she cursed at the road ahead, cars speeding past, ignoring her hazard lights as they blinked and brightened the night at intervals.

This was a damned situation to be in.

Maybe, she could lift her bonnet and at least pretend to look like she knew what was wrong. Hmmm... There had to be a manual some place as well? Trying the ignition key once more, she pressed but no lights came up on the display. Nothing.

Rummaging in her glove compartment, she pulled out the service log book and hoped to see the manual in there as well. Nope. Nothing.

Arianrhod looked down at her clothing. She was dressed in sexy stockings and heels, with a trench coat over the top. Very tiny trench coat that barely covered a thing. One that would blow away if she stood outside.

What options did she have?

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