I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (77)

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Kay's been baaaaaaad. And not in the cool sexy way.

Sorry for making you guys wait so long, but it was totally not out of self gratification through your pain. I was honestly busy as FROOOOOCK *runs around room*

Anyway! Hope you enjoy this. I think it's going to be long! Lol

And no I won't ever make you guys wait that long for this story again.

I won't keep you from more Blake, go ahead, read. There's more me talking at the end! lol

Read and enjoy! :P

(Oh and yes I know this is full of mistakes, yes I know my grammar is awful and so is my spelling. I'm doing this in my lost time. I should be sleeping right now or doing my homework, but I took some of my time to write the chapter, so it would be really cool for some of you to understand that this is not serious writing. I don't have time for perfect editing alright? Heck I don't even have the pretence to think this crap is publishing material worthy, because I know it's not. Was that clear enough? lol)

Okay NOW, read and enjoy! ;P


Wide muscular shoulders, defined chest, abs I could definitely run my tongue all length, hip bones and muscles forming a V shape pointing towards the dark blue boxers area hanging dangerously low...

I felt my cheeks burning.

Ya look up Lexi.

NOT down!

Was it really wrong for me to imagine all sorts of scenarios right now involving licking maybe a little clawing and biting, kissing and rolling around... okay serious issues right now! When the HELL had I became SO freaking RIDICULOUS? I was ashamed for my own freaking self!

Get a grip Lexi! It's just Blake in boxers!

Swooning Blake in boxers...

Alright, looking UP!

I shook my head a bit, taking a deep breath to clear my head, trying to remember what the frack I was doing here again, aside from imagining all sorts of stupid scenarios in my head involving sexy-Blake.

When I did look up it was to Blake's eyes, shining evilly, bluer than ever and a grin plastered on his face "You're staring"

I glared at him "Thanks for pointing out the obvious" and then remembered what I was here to do and took the water gun out of my pockets, shooting freezing water straight on his chest. The plan had been to shot it in the blue boxers area but there was no way in hell I was staring at that particular point right now and making more of a fool of myself.

At least I got the response I was hoping for, meaning Blake squealing like a little girl. Well screaming "Jesus fuck" actually.

What I had not expect though was for him to take a little less than five steps to be right in front of me, taking the gun out of my hands before I even got the time to realize what he was doing. I was blaming my slow processing brain on Blake's shirtlessness.

"Bad Lexi" Blake smirked, his hands holding my wrists, his body, his almost naked body might I add, almost pressing against mine.

This was a dream right? Seriously, this wasn't happening, this couldn't be happening, was something even happening...

I was pretty much gapping at him like a moron, trying not to drool.

Way to freaking go Lexi; you are oh so desirable right now!


Annoying sexy sexy prick that made me lose all my brain capacities... again could I lick his chest?

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