I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (43)

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Not my best piece of work BUT if you don't like it I'm gonna internaly decapitate you (I have no clue how to, but Papa Bear is supposed to show me.. lol.. but like honestly.. he'll show me..)

So anyway.. I just wanted to be done with this part.. want to get to the good stuff already ;P

So again, feel free to point out my mistakes.. my hands are like slower than usual and I'm about to space out in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.......

[wakes up] Read, enjoy, vote and comment!! [passes out again]

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"I mean I could always rip this part... and then maybe this one too..." Daphnee pondered.

We were in the middle of a 'sorta' fancy clothes shop, and Daph, who never liked to wait for a dress room had put a shirt from the racks over herself and was looking at it in the mirror, wondering how to improve it, loudly, so the sell lady could hear and freak, especially since she was holding the shirt in a way that made it clear she was about to put her plan into action.

"And I mean if we rip the fluffy thing from this ugly blouse, and sew it up right there... could make something presentable..." she smirked.

"Oh and you know what? I think I saw glue in Lexi's purse! We could try something right away!" Alex joined in, and I heard the selling lady gasp.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to remove the shirt..." she said to Daphnee and then I was mentally begging her to not take ALL the shirts off and walk around a shop without a top... again...

"If we can't even try to improve fashion these days..." Daph mumbled and threw the shirt in the selling lady's shocked face, dragging me and Alex by the arms, out of the shop, before bursting laughing.

"Aww it's sad how seriously this poor lady takes her job..." she trailed shaking her head.

"But this was a high price shop Dada, she had to protect her precious merchandise from bums like you" Alex laughed.

"Oh please... high price? If I had a million I wouldn't buy one piece of clothes there... actually if I had a million dollars, I'd buy everything there is in the Beatle shop... s'just a shame I can't order anything from the U.K. one... we need a friend in U.K. or at least a freaking mail address!!" Daph said and then I thought about Blake and about how he could have a U.K. address for us... and I really should stop this new constant thinking of Blake... it was really getting into a problem!!

"Alright, let's go to this shop!" Daph pointed happily, smirking, and I recognized the shop with the gay guy...

What was she supposed to do if the guy wasn't there? I hadn't thought about that...

"You sure...? Because we could always go to the other shop over there... looks more like your type of clothes..." Alex said looking a little odd.

Oh ya... Daph was sooo right about this!

"My type of clothes? Because you think I have a type of clothes?" she snorted and walked right in it.

Alex didn't look so eager to join.

"MY PIMP!!! If you don't come help me pick clothes I will drag you by your own!!" she threatened in the shop and Alex reluctantly followed.

The last big pop song was trashing the stereo and a guy, that I recognized as the gay seller from last time was folding shirts.

When he turned around, to greet us probably, I saw his pretty face again... last time it was before Daphnee had left for her vacations in Morocco, another shopping day like this one. She had obviously found him attractive, I mean it just hit you in the face automatically, it was in his brown hairs, shoved back, his smiling features, and nice body built.

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