I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (50)

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Alrighty my little addicted!

Last chapter was a real emotional one, now wasn't it? ;P Blake is touched by all the support!! ;P [group hug]

So anyway, here's the new chapter! You're lucky! For some reason *curses and mumbles profanities while pointing a finger at the person at fault, like the Evil Monkey* I didn't go out tonight and stayed home and was able to finish it... it's short but you gotta understand it's hard to write the right stuff ya know?

Okay, so before you read on, let's just clear something (as always ;P) I know you guys want them to kiss, I know you guys want them to have hot monkey sex in the cemetery and in the process show complete disrespect to the dead under ;P BUT... sit on ice guys... ain't happening!!! ;P

No but seriously... you have to understand that technically, it hasn't even been 3 weeks yet! And I still have material to write for 8 WEEKS!!! So I will still torture you guys for a while! Now I'm not saying you'll have to wait the 8 weeks to "get some" ;P but I'm saying I'm not rushing things, even if that means I'm REALLY not rushing them! Blake has a low self-esteem, and you might understand why it could be hard for him to express his "feeling" if you read his POV (called "The Smirking Jerk", it's on my page guys, go read if you wanna know!) and well Lexi has a hard time believing Blake could actually kinda like her, since her only boyfriend sorta end up to be gay! SO, with that said, if you guys can't wait to have some, I'm sorry... I really am... but patience is a virtue... and I'm evil! And I'm not forcing you to read this... And I mean we're building a relationship here guys, a strong one, one who's based on more than just physical gratification! ;P LOL

Okay... so... I think that's it for now...

Read, enjoy, vote and comment!! :D

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"You really believe that?" Blake whispered, snorting a little, and closed his eyes again turning his head away.

The scene was still eerie... the dark cemetery, the big white tomb beside us, perfectly cut grass, the hundred of stones aligned one beside the other, a loved one buried under each... Blake that seemed in pain, but was still undeniably beautiful, the tiny amount of light reflecting on his skin, making him almost look dead, or like one of the stones, lying there on the grass... if it hadn't been for his steady breathing and warm hand I was now holding, I could have easily believed he was dead, or wasn't real...

Still staring at him, I answered, whispering too "Yes, I do believe it's not your fault. Do you really want us to go all the way up to whose fault it should be before your own? You couldn't have done anything! It wasn't your fault; you had no control over any of it!"

"I could have NOT asked to go to the exposition..." Blake said, eyes still closed.

"And the driver could have not been drinking, and your brother could have not gone back for the driver, but that was just who he was, and that's just who you were..."

"Still my fault..." he breathed.

"You can't blame yourself over this forever Blake..." I whispered and held his hand tighter again "When people die you shouldn't try to put the blame on everyone... you should just remember them, and try to honour their memories as much as you can... and then you go on with your life and try to find happiness... even if it's without them"

For a few seconds, the only sound came from the wind against the grass, and an owl calling in the distance.

"Comforting me wasn't in your job description Pumpkin... you don't need to do it, you know..." Blake said, his voice still low.

It seemed like it was the way we were supposed to talk, in whispers, to not wake the dead, or disturb them... reflex action, just like when you walk into a library.

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