Chapter Twenty Seven

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I woke up about five minutes before my alarm clock started to shout its beep beeps. For one second I actually thought that the whole Blake-calling-at-two-in-the-morning deal had just been a dream. But I opened my cell phone and sure thing when I looked at my text message inbox everything was there.


That better not become a freaking habit of his!!

I need my sleep!! Do not mess with my sleep!!

I shut my alarm clock before it rang and then dragged my feet to Ty's room.

He was snoring lightly, lying on his stomach, holding his pillow in his hands, when I opened the door. I walked up to him, and gave a flick to his ear.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Ty shouted, surprised, raising his head.

"Time to wake up Sunshine" I said with an evil grin and then took the covers of his bed.

"I swear Lexi, do not pull the covers off of me! I WILL kill you!" Ty treated, letting himself fall back on his pillow.

"Drama Queen!" I laughed and threw myself on the empty side of his double bed, settling in it.

"School sucks" Ty mumbled.

"I know" I answered him.

"Major cocks!" he kept going

"Alright, that was unnecessary..." I trailed, closing my eyes.

"And it swallows!" Ty snorted

"Okay, that was just too much info!" I scowled a little

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