Chapter Fifteen

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It's a smell that woke me up the next morning.

A god damn awful smell.

And sure thing, when I opened my eyes, Tyler's freaking butt was in my face.

I pushed it away.


Ty was laughing like a maniac as he ran out of my room. I didn't even bother to put my pants on and ran, panties and indecent tank top, out of my room and after him.


I almost rolled down the stairs after him, running as fast as my legs could go, but then Ty reached for the front door and ran out of the house.

Ya... that might be a bad idea...


I didn't second guess any further and stormed outside bare feet.

Tyler probably guessed I wouldn't run after him because he slowed down his pace, and since I only fasten mine I caught up with him seconds later and jumped at his back, tackling him to the ground on the green grass of our front yard and sat on top of him.

"YOU!" one punch in his ribs "ARE" one punch in his stomach "DEAD!" this time Tyler grabbed my hand before I could punch him in the face, still laughing.

"Oh man! And that was a BAD one!" Tyler said and kept laughing.

My fist hit him in the stomach again.

"I gross my own self!" Ty managed to gasp between laugh.

I wanted to choke him now but Ty grabbed my hands before I could squeeze that little bastard's neck too tight, shoved me aside, and ran to the house.

I got on my feet and ran after him again, but when I reached the door, Ty had closed it, and LOCKED it!

I pounded on the door "TYLER GRAYSON! You fucking dick! Open the damn door! I'm in fucking panties!"

The day wasn't cloudy or freezing, it was actually pretty sunny, but it was the time of the year where the leaves had slowly started to lose their vivid greenness and the wind was kind of chilly. Especially since I wasn't really clothed.

Tyler stuck his face in the window beside the door, squishing his face on it, like some preschool moron, making farts on it with his lips.

I hit with my palm on the glass right in his face.

"Open the fucking door!"I screamed.

"What are the magic words?" Tyler screamed back.


"Wrong!" Ty answered and then walked away from the window.


I started to pound on the door like a maniac screaming Ty's name over and over again.

He would have to open it at one point, or else the neighbors would probably call, thinking I was getting rape or something...

And then the door finally opened.

"Happy dad?" Tyler yelled "I opened it!"

I punched Tyler on the shoulder.

"Why the hell did you fart in my face? And locked me up outside?"

"Cause you stole my PS3" Tyler answered in a duh voice.

"Cause you let fucking Blake in!" I replied back angry.

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