I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (75)

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So if you haven't heard by now "I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know" is ONE YEAR OLD! My baby is growing up so fast! *insert me covering my mouth to stop the sobbing*


Anyway, before you read on I just want to thank you all, my faithful reader, those that always have kind encouraging words, you made me write this story for a year, you can be proud! lol

So... sorry guys, for making you wait, schedule is pretty full lately... And it's just going to get worse for the next two weeks because it's my mid session week break from October 10th to 17th and I have exams and dissertation and critique and sculpture and art project and all sort of fun crap like that to do before it! -_-

So... sorry if the uploading is slow... but during that week break after I sleep for forty eight hours and then sleep some more I'll try to get more chapters out for you guys! But ya... I mean those grades I'm getting right now sort of will decide which next course I will be accepted in so it could be nice if I didn't fail... It would completely rock actually... cause I mean writing here is fun and all but I doubt it'll get me anywhere and help me pay for all those debts I'm getting to buy my CDs! lol

Oh and ya, sorry for the mistakes but I honestly don't care I'm not a freaking professional editor, nor intend on making this book publish, it's almost 7AM, my eyes are getting dry and I have to get up in 4 hours. So ya... there's plenty of mistakes deal with it.

On a side note, did you guys know that burned rice looked like diarrhea? Ya... gross.

Read and enjoy!

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They are dead.

Plain simple.

And after I killed Cameron and Blake, Trevor was also going down for not helping me. And I would make my life goal to dry off the water of this muddy pond for ever. Muddy and full of leaves. And gooey white dead worms on the banks.

Oh god, the worms...

They threw me like you'd throw away a log or something so I barely had the time to try to erect myself and half of my body was falling in the pond water reaching to my waist but since I had been thrown in it I pretty much got soaked to my shoulders.

And because I was shrieking at them to stop I got filthy water in my mouth.

Oh this was just awful.

I take back everything I ever said. I don't like Blake Eaton AT ALL. And twins aren't cool. THEY SUCK!

The second they weren't holding me anymore I automatically ran to them and by running I mean tried to move forward making those hand moves you do when you're in water and trying to run but it just doesn't work. Not to mention my feet were sinking into the muddy button.

Still Cameron was too busy laughing his butt off that he didn't have the time to run away before I grabbed him by the arm, trying to pull him back with me, and into the pond. And since I was a little lower than him and I didn't give a crap about getting wet again, because let's face it, the damaged was done at this point, I pulled him back with me. I had the slicky bank on my side after all.

While Cameron was still in shock from having been thrown in, heck, even I was; I hadn't expected it to be this easy, I did the little hand feet coordinated move and got out of the pond, and sprinted after Blake, who was trying to get away. But he was laughing at Cameron's expense, and mine of course, little bitch, and again, the ground was slicky so he slipped, he didn't fall down but it was just enough slowing down that my furious little self caught up with him.

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