Chapter Six

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A/N: I just want to say, before you start reading, sorry about Lexi rambling, sleep depravation does that to my writing!

And this chapter goes to my two soulmates that helped me create my characters! Sorry you guys, if I put so many true things in here, not my fault our life is too entertaining! ;P

So anyway, read, comment and vote! :D

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 Chapter 6

I plopped down my seat exactly when the second bell rang.

            Always right on time!

            While I was going through my bag to get my notebook and pencil out, something hit the back of my head. I turned to glare at the responsible and saw Alex grinning at me sitting at the desk in diagonal with mine.

            "What's your problem, dude," I mouthed to him trying to not attract the attention of Mrs Muffin in front. The poor woman had inherited the lovely nickname because of her atrocious red curly hair that made her head look like a muffin. And I wasn't kidding here, it was true, it, honest to god, looked like a damn muffin.

            Alex held his phone in front of him and shook it. Alright, what am I suppose to make of this? I whispered, "confused," and pointed to myself.

            He kept tapping on his phone. What? Does he want a new phone or something? Damn, that boy is confusing in the morning!

            "What's wrong with your phone," I hissed and held my hands beside me frowning and shaking my head like I had no freaking clue. Because honestly, I hadn't.

            "Check your phone you dim-wit!" he said out loud and rolled his eyes.

            I rolled my eyes. "Jeez, no need to be rude!" I answered and turned around in my seat to find a muffin with glasses staring at me.

            "Is something wrong?" she inquired and I think she was trying to make it sound threatening, but it just couldn't work. First, she was the least believable mean person in the world. Second, muffins just couldn't get angry. Ever.

            "No everything's perfect Ma'am. Proceed, proceed." I said, rolling my hand in the air urging her to continue with whatever she had been doing.

            She turned back to her board, resuming with her note writing that we were expected to copy. That was all we ever did in this class—copy what she wrote on the board.

            Hmm. We called her Mrs. Muffin but what was her real name? That really bothered me for a second. What was her real name?

            I couldn't remember—which couldn't actually come as a shocked since I didn't seem to have perfect record on the whole remembering people's actual names thing.  

            Ugh. I was definitely never going to hear the end of that, I was sure. Drake would throw it back in my face—no pun intended—as often as he could.

            But as much as the a-hole annoyed me, I had to admit, deep within, the whole bantering thing I had been doing with him, it made me feel like the Old-me again—the one that was a little bit stupider and a whole lot funnier, the way I was before my mother left. But only in small doses—Alex could support that statement; he often used to complain about it.

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