I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know [EXTRA : Tyler's POV]

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I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know


Tyler's POV of a part of chapter 66


So for those of you who doubted Tyler's feeling or those that were curious as to how Vanessa and Tyler worked things out here's a tiny bit of Tyler's POV.

Sorry if he doesn't always make sense... the boy is in love! ;P

Oh and I think it's important to mention that I'm leaving on Sunday for one week to my lake house to get some rest so that means no Kay for a week. I won't have internet. Well I'll have internet but I won't use it because I want to rest and be outside.

So ya... I MIGHT upload one chapter while I'm there but I really don't promise anything... so sorry guys... more waiting! I'm a bad bad girl! ;P


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Once, when we were younger and Lexi was watching The Little Mermaid, I told her mermaids were the pussiest thing ever.

Lexi's face had shined with that know it all smile of hers that makes you regret ever saying anything.

And then she had talked about how the mermaids in the mythology were feared by all the sailors. That they were beautiful creatures who sang to people and enchanted them with their voices and then drowned them and killed them.

I think she was trying to scare me because after that every time we would go in vacation and swim in the sea she would start singing and say "Careful, the mermaids might get you". But I was old enough to not take shit from my sister.

Though this morning, that's all I could think about. Those mermaids that enchanted you with their voice and then killed you. I knew it was mean and all to picture Vanessa as a mermaid but let's face it; that was a pretty good metaphor or whatever.

Am I fucking seriously doing metaphor in my head right now?

This has to stop. I'm becoming a big pussy like that red haired mermaid!

But this was all her fault, this was all her fucking fault. I didn't know what to think or what to believe. Did she like me or thought I was just some stupid kid with a crush on her? Was I just her best friend's little brother who could be fun to make out with when she was waiting for the said friend and was fighting with him to get the remote because he wouldn't change to look at Gobble Girl however hot she was?

Fuck, Tyler Grayson you are not a pussy! You kill zombies! You blow up drug dealers bunkers. You fucking shot that Alexander Pope dude! You are not going all weakidy weak for a girl!

Aww who was I fucking kidding? I was already weak. The mermaid wasn't even singing and I was swimming over to her like a helpless dumbass.

I needed to kill some hookers or something.

Though the real problem wasn't me getting weak, I knew that. I wouldn't have minded if I knew... if I knew if she really felt the same way about me. If she really liked me, if she was serious.

I was younger than her, and immature, I knew that, and probably less experience, I mean what could I say, she always had been the only one I liked... ever since she had come to our house for the first time to play with Lexi. I had thought she was an angel with her golden curly blond hair and her blue eyes and her porcelain skin with the freckles all over her face that I just wanted to stroke. She looked like Annabelle collection dolls that we had no right to as much as look too intently. She looked too good to be true.

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