I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (44)

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List of things starting with "p" that Blake could have been doing:


-Playing with his p (mouhahahaha)

-Prancing around his room in girl's clothes singing show tunes

-Peeing on public building

-Pissing Josh off


-Planning his scheme for world domination

-Pushing random hobo's off bridges

-Peeling oranges

-Partying like a rock star

And the list could go on and on and on but it's late and I have to finish it at one point ;P

So ya.. super-duper short chapter but I've been making you guys wait for long enough and next post should come soon..

Oh and who am I kidding, I never would have been able to squeezed on week worth of material in one chapter unless I made you guys wait an actual week!! So ya.. sorry..

Oh and I'm putting this song "Run the Red Light" by British India that SidneyArden so kindly found for me and that is TOO fitting for our lovely couple! THANKS SID!!!! :D Oh and if you guys haven't read my list and you aren't reading her stories than GO!!!! Genius I'm telling you, genius!!

Alright so read, enjoy comment and vote!!! :D

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The next morning I did my usual morning ritual, a little happier than the previous days... well "a little" was an understatement...

Dad looked actually alright, and Ty... well anything was better than the other night...

And he actually played with my radio while we drove to school so that was good news...

When we reached school I could see Daph's car and Alex's car already parked, but there was no Blake in sight.

Would he stay home? I mean he had sounded pretty tired on the phone last night... because he had been reading all the time? Now that I was a little more rested, that didn't exactly sound right... I mean ya I personally could get completely carried by a book, but could that happen with Blake? As much as I wanted to believe it, it sounded off...

God I hope he hadn't been banging some random chick all that time... Maybe he had really been reading... That would be better, so much better than being with a girl... Why? I don't know... it just made me angry to think he was with someone... I mean I didn't own the guy or anything... I knew so little about him actually... but I'd like to believe I knew more than most people here... that I knew a little about Blake... that I had an insight about him that most people didn't.

I mean, Blake didn't open up, that much was obvious. And I knew there were so many things I still needed to figure out about him... like what the hell was the deal with that Kay girl, and what was going on with his brother... there was something wrong here... and I didn't know about them... and I didn't really know anything about Blake so I should REALLY stop obsessing about him! Because I really started to sound like a stalker now!

So I got out of my car, Ty already gone and walking towards his friend, locked my doors and headed for my locker to grab my books.

While I was doing my combination, a head rested on top of mine.

"What the...?" I said, turning.

"Hey don't move I was trying to sleep here!" Blake whined, sniffing and then rubbed his tired eyes.

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