I Sold Myself to the Devil [EXTRA: Blake&Josh Pick-Up Line Night]

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Okayy guys, I'M ON FIREEE!!!! lol

Okay, so this is Blake'S POV and it's more dialogue less thinking... when you'll get all of Blake's POV it's going to be a little different... Anyway... I put it up so you could meet Josh.. And laugh a bit more :P

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I flipped the pages of the book I held in my hands absentmindedly not seeing the words they held.

"Blake! You big wuss! Why aren't you ready??" a voice said, coming from the stairs that lead to my room.

I got up from my couch, toss the book on top of the big pile I had threw from my library earlier.

"Overreacting much?" I told Josh, who was now standing by my computer, looking through something "What are you doing?"

"Looking at our last work of art review!" Josh laughed and then I could see the website he was on and the pictures of the graffiti we had done yesterday night "Can you believe some people find it offensive?"

"Writing "I charge by the minute" with a painting of a hooker with the face of our mayor is bound to create reaction" I said and laughed.

"Pfff! What are you talking about! So not offensive! I'd like to do something scary for once... I'll think about it..." Josh trailed and then raised his head and looked at me "You've been smiling?" he frowned.


"You little bastard! What happened? Tell me everything!" Josh laughed.

"I'm so not talking about it with you! I really don't need another speech about my "unhealthy obsession"" I said and rolled my eyes

"Hey, can you blame me? That's just what it is!" Josh stated, serious shaking his head in disapprobation.

"Alright, enough, let's just get out!" I ordered and turned him around pushing him out.

I didn't need to make myself sad right? For once I was enjoying myself...

"I'll get you drunk and make you spill your beans, little brother from another mother!" Josh warned me when we were down the stairs in the hallway.

"Good luck with that" I snorted I said as we stepped out of the house and walked to his silver Audi TT Coupé.

"Pick-Up Line night!!" Josh squealed as he started the car almost jumping up and down in his seat.

"Wow Josh, real mature of you!" I said and rolled my eyes, but still laughed.

God he sounded like a chick when he used that tone...

"You really are in good mood... Hmmm?" Josh frowned.

"Please, aren't I always?" I laughed.

Ya, maybe not...

"Oh you really wanna get me started again?" Josh warned.

"No it think I'm good" I answered and looked through the CD he had in his car, trying to find something decent to put in "As much as I enjoy Beethoven complete piano sonatas, I think you're pushing it a little" I told him, showing him the pile of CD's.

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