I Sold Myself to the Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (54)

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Better late than never right? Mouhahahahaha 

Sorry about that [hungs head in shame]

Okay so sorry about the not uploading yesterday, I got sidetracked a lot and I really wasn't getting into the "writing zone" blame it on the dumbass sitting on my bed and rambling about everything and anything, which I couldn't kick out because he would have taken it badly -_-  

Sensitive ASS!  

And tonight I had another friend over, we watch some pretty grossed videos of people getting worms removed out of their throat by their nose while eating sour gummy bears and pop corn! Mouhahahahaha! Fun night, fun night!  

And technology seemed to despised me more than usual, MSN down, Word almost down at one point, Internet lagging and closing in my face, I'm telling you I'm about to throw my freaking lap top out my window! -_-  

Two stories fall! In your face!

SO! New chapter, not the longest though... I'm sorry but I was getting tired so I had to stop it there...  

Oh and I'm sorry, I'm going to be busy next week too... I have like... 4 exams I think... and I'm starting a new dissertation -_- Freaking JOY! Btw I got 65% on the last one, I'm blaming it on my teacher incompetency and the fact that she forgot to mention what she REALLY wanted in it, the reason why I "screwed up" my conclusion... and the fact that I didn't want to read it again to check for mistakes because it was too awful! LOL 

Whatever, at least I passed!  

SO! Enjoy this! Mouhahahahaha Oh and I didn't read it again, cause I'm tired but I'll try to double check later..

Anyway, read, enjoy, vote and comment!! :DDD

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The next morning, even though I still felt incredibly tired, the worried feeling was gone. I even felt foolish for thinking that... I mean seriously why the hell would something be wrong? Okay not everything was perfect, actually nothing was ever perfect and it was perfect that way, but something didn't need to be wrong.

I had dad sign my sheet for the school trip and then drove off to school with Ty, caffeine being the only thing in my system because I was still not freaking hungry, which really didn't help on the whole being jumpy and hyper...

When I was at my locker and picking up my books, I saw Blake speaking with Mark and Dwayne. And then he saw me looking at him and smirked and I could just tell he was trying really hard not to laugh, probably recalling last night event and I narrowed my eyes at him, and he just seemed to chuckle and then he wiggled his eyebrows at me.

I stuck out my tongue at him from a distance.

"Told you not to do that! There will be consequences" Blake screamed back at me, laughing.

"Bring it on!" I yelled back, making people who were walking in the hall turning their head and slowing their pace.

"Is that an invitation?" Blake smirked widely.

I narrowed my eyes again.

Annoying prick...

Now I would never hear the end of this, I just knew it!

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