Chapter Thirty Nine

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New chapter!! :D

Okay so before you read on, we have to establish a few things. 

First off, Josh; really hot, BUT, hotter than Blake?  

Depends on what's your taste, but honestly they really do look the same (and no their mom didn't have an affair or anything they are not related, I just wanted to state it before you guys start to speculate ;P)

Oh and Josh wanted to thank you all for your praise about is awesomeness (well that's how he saw it ;P) but mostly good looks! And he would like to state (he's screaming in my head right now actually) that he would really like to spill everything about Blake but his hands are tied (I rule the book ;P) but he's telling you all that he will have a long talk with Blake about the pros of just blurring it all out (he's telling them to me right now and it won't work... ;P)

Now, Josh did sound like an asshole, BUT (sorry I have to defend him, I love him too much! I like making fun of Blake with him!! ;P Mouhahahahaha) Josh usually isn't really consider as a Clark-type-of-jerk, actually he's a whole lot like Blake, minus one little detail (the reason why Josh and I like to make fun of him, and no ladies it doesn't have anything to do with size here ;P)

And the way he talked about his mom (That's for you Paige ;P) well... you'll read more about it in the next chapter, but everybody has a way to hide their feelings right? 

So ya... sorry little rant about Josh... he a good guy everyone, and even though it might not look like it, there's an actual reason why he's acting the way is acting with Lexi right now...  

Oh and Josh is probably the one who knows Blake the best along with someone else (you can go on and guess that one now ;P) so of course he's going to know exactly what's going on between the two ;P 

Oh and I wanted to let you guys know that I've been sorting my chapters out, to plan everything and that around chapter 44 you'll get a big chunk of Blake's issues (one of them that is) so ya, prepare yourselves... and we'll have about... oh I'm not sure... 80 chapters maybe... lol... oh and I've written the last chapter and the epilogue already... mouhahahaha, sorry had to share, because I love it, and you guy will freak.. mouhahahaha so ya... I could sent it to the highest bidder? ;P  

LOL mouhahahahaha (I want real money now, not Monopoly checks ;P)

Oh and I wanted to make this chapter longer but as always got distracted, and you wouldn't have gotten anything if I hadn't stopped it here... so ya... sorry! And I know it's all talk no action (lol) but you have to understand we need to establish a relationship here and for that we need to bring our characters closer, little by little... so ya... there will be more talking... I like to write dialogue more than anything so you guys are stuck with this ;P

So anyway, you know this by now : read, enjoy, vote and comment!! :P

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"So what were you guys working on..." Josh trailed while he walked around Blake's second floor, picking up the books lying around and placing them back in the library.

"Chemistry" I answered and went to sit back on the computer to save what I had written.

"Of course you were..." Josh grinned.

"Please, that one was way too easy, I think even Blake wouldn't have made it..." I snorted.

"Oww, did you hear that Blake? She almost praised you... maybe I should write that down in a book or something with the date and all" Josh laughed.

"Alright, enough Josh, get out, oh and stop moving my books around! You're effing up all my order!"

"Order? That's not called order, that's called a freaking tornado! It's almost blasphemy the way you treat those poor things!" Josh said disapprovingly a pile of books in his hands "Oh and how come I have to get out and she can stay? I've known you longer; I have priority!"

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