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Rwby X Reader Male by Jk-scythe
Rwby X Reader Maleby Jk-scythe
Basically is about The male reader landing in Beacon unexpectedly and now what kind of adventure awaits for him. This is my first so go easy on me.
  • rwby
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  • malereader
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RWBY: Used Rose by Zairrif
RWBY: Used Roseby Zairrif
*WARNING: Story contains torture and mentions sexual violence. Sexual Violence is not encouraged. Reader discretion is advised.* (F/N) Rose was the son of Summer and Qro...
  • revenge
  • weiss
  • yang
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RWBY: [Cheater] Weiss x Male Reader x Pyrrha Nikos  by InA-Daze
RWBY: [Cheater] Weiss x Male DaZe
Y/N, L/N of Team SHDE will find out what he truly fights for, all it will take for that to happen, is a heartbreak and a certain spartan to keep the Tribe Lieutenant fr...
  • ruby
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  • blake
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The princess and the fighter ( Weiss Schnee x Male Reader) by batmanbeyondis
The princess and the fighter ( batmanbeyondis
When Weiss thinks of her childhood, she remembers it being lonely. And that isn't a lie. But, for most of her life, she did have one friend. (y/n). Due to circumstances...
  • childhoodsweethearts
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  • love
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RWBY X (Abused) Reader by hadesson5
RWBY X (Abused) Readerby hades' son
Calvin Schnee, Brother of Weiss Schnee, was abused for years. His 'father' beat him, and broke his bones daily. His sister wasn't much better. though she didn't hit him...
  • fanfiction
  • overwatch
  • somelemons
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A Hero For Fun (Rwby x male one punch man reader) by Man0Steel177
A Hero For Fun (Rwby x male one Man0Steel177
This is a story i've been wanting to do for a while, this is also my first story so if anything is wrong please tell me. Your name is (Y/N) (L/N), you where once a norma...
  • lemons
  • ruby
  • weiss
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Iron Hunter (Iron Man Reader - RWBY Crossover) by NiceGameEh
Iron Hunter (Iron Man Reader - Red Shade LAN
You are the distant cousin of Weiss Schnee. Your name is Y/N Schnee and you've spent your life hiding from your family. But when you show up again with a badass set of a...
  • marvel
  • ironman
  • heartbreaker
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Purpose (Blake x Male Reader) by RythyRin
Purpose (Blake x Male Reader)by Rin
Torture and Experimentation. That's all you've experienced for the past two years. The reason why? You're part of the Moonraven Clan. But they chose you and not another...
  • faunus
  • drama
  • blakebelladona
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The Abandoned, the Assassin, the Master (RWBY x M!Reader) by Deagle117
The Abandoned, the Assassin, the Deagle117
A new teacher is serving as an assistant for Professor Goodwitch, however his complex past and an impending doom may cause him to become more involved than what he inten...
  • xmalereader
  • rubyrose
  • blake
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Rwby x depressed male reader  by Grammadj
Rwby x depressed male reader by Grammadj
(Y/N) is a boy who has experienced alot of sad things in his life but will team Rwby be able to make him happy and will the give him something he has wanted for his whol...
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  • rwby
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RWBY harem X grimm male reader by Username19870o
RWBY harem X grimm male readerby THE AWESOME PYRO
After being abandoned by his parents left to be torn to shreds by grimm he is instead treated as one of there own and will grow up to be one of the toughest monsters eve...
  • yang
  • blake
  • rwbyxmalereader
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RWBY x Soulless! Male! Reader by darkprince171
RWBY x Soulless! Male! Readerby DarkPrince
All beings have souls, or aura in this case, All beings, but one.. The Creatures of Grimm. And even in this case, there is an exception and his name is (Y/N) (L/N). Once...
  • yang
  • yangxiaolong
  • blake
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The Bad Boy by QveenCammy
The Bad Boyby Cammy
Last year, Ella Grace was beaten half to death by her sister and her friends, while her brother watched. Her two siblings went onto a summer trip, leaving her behind. Sh...
  • luckyblue
  • cheerleading
  • mormon
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My Brother's Best Friend by kindlove706
My Brother's Best Friendby kindlove706
Bethany Carrington is a junior in high school. She's a great student, she has really good taste in fashion, she even has the "perfect" boyfriend or so she tho...
  • teenfiction
  • pregnancy
  • junior
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Playing both sides (RWBY HAREM X Male reader + tekken for fun. by TheCyberMerc
Playing both sides (RWBY HAREM X Aiden Mercer
The title says all btw I don't own anything RWBY related...that all goes to the RT group And pics and vids go to there rightful owners.
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Hatred is My Power [RWBYx Abused and Neglected Male!Reader] by -_Rafael_-
Hatred is My Power [RWBYx Abused Rafael Matsumoto
Y/N was adopted by Qrow but told me to stay and lived at the house of summer and raven's family. Y/N lived a happy life until some weeks later they started to beat him l...
  • harem
  • neglected
  • velvet
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Kidnapped In My Unicorn Onesie by tepigforlife
Kidnapped In My Unicorn Onesieby tepigforlife
"Chilling in my comfy onesie! Chilling, chilling, chilling in my unicorn onesie!" I sang while doing a little dance. Then I heard laughing behind me. "Wh...
  • awesome
  • dominic
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Prologue : Loving Blake Coster by beyondlocks
Prologue : Loving Blake Costerby Janice Martana
Prologue Blake Coster One of the richest Billionare in America. He got the face , the money and fame. He always get what he wants and now he wants the heritage that his...
  • story
  • fiction
  • past
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RWBY: The Immortal by Zairrif
RWBY: The Immortalby Zairrif
(F/N) (L/N) is said to be old as Remnant itself, that is if you believe him and look passed his ten-year-old appearance. Truth is, he had his powers forcefully sealed an...
  • malereader
  • yang
  • immortal
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SAVIOUR | BELLAMY BLAKE [1]  by unknownauthor108
SAVIOUR | BELLAMY BLAKE [1] by unknownauthor108
  • octavia
  • jasperjordan
  • blake
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