I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (68)

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"There's no way in hell I'm doing this!" I told Josh for the twentieth time.

"Come on! We'll put a really thick wool blanket over the barbed wires and you won't hurt yourself when you climb up"

"Nah ha! Forget about it" I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest.

Blake had gone god knows where to "take care of the security cameras" and now I was left alone with Josh who wanted me to climb over the fence, with barbed wires on top and then open it from the other side.

No way in effing hell!

"Come on! Don't you have any sense of pride?" Josh grinned.

"No not at all, but I do have common sense and common scene is telling me you're an IDIOT!"

"If you do it I'll let you ride my dragon!" Josh grinned even wider, lighting his face by placing the flashlight under it making him look creepy.

I rolled my eyes "Ride your own dragon!"

Josh burst laughing but didn't say anything in return because we saw Blake coming back.

"So you took care of it?" Josh yelled.

I wanted to cover his mouth with my palm. Why did he have to be loud? I mean did he WANT us to get into trouble? If he got us arrested I would murder him!

"Yes, I mooned the camera and then threw rocks at it, screaming like an old lady. That's what you usually do right?" Blake smirked, walking up to us.

Josh faked tears "My little boy is growing into a man!"

"You really are a girl Josh!" I stated, getting a little annoyed.

It was probably the whole being scared shitless of getting caught that made me so tense.

"Ya well you're a girl too for not wanting to climb up the fence!" Josh pouted.

"Hmm... That's not really an insult Josh. I'm kind of a girl, you know?" I informed him.

Josh frowned "Blake, take notes, I need to find insults for girls alright?"

Blake just sighed in discouragement.

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