Chapter Twenty Three

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When I woke up the next morning I was a little groggy. It didn't feel like I had been sleeping for a while. And my face, the only thing not in the sleeping bag, was freezing, especially the tip of my nose.

I might have curl up against Alex but he wasn't there. So instead I sat up in the tent, looking around, a little confused and then I looked down, hit by a light coldness.

My freaking sleeping bag was unzipped! That's why I was so freaking freezing!!


And I was sure I had zipped it... Or maybe I hadn't... I had been pretty tired...

Oh well...

I didn't hear anyone outside, everyone must still be asleep, so where the hell was Alex?

I lifted my legs to my chin, rubbing my nose on my knees, holding my arms around them.

Damn it, I was cold!

I still had my hood on, and I could feel my hair, still a little damp. That really didn't help my cause!

I decided to go look for Alex, and maybe stand by the fire, if it was still on, so I crawled out of the tent.

Oh just perfect!

Alex hadn't even closed it properly!


I got out of the tent, and yawned hugely, before walking up to the fire.

The grass was covered with dew, damping my shoes and the bottom of my sweat pants as I walked to the circle of chairs. The morning was chilly, the light wind making the leaves of the trees shiver now and then. The sun was still low but piercing, meaning the morning was barely beginning.

I wrapped my arms around me.

Alex was there, sitting on a chair.

"Hey, how long have you been up?" I asked him, startling him.

"Damn it Kitty, don't sneak up on me like that again!" he said and I think he put his cellphone in his pocket.

Why did he have his cellphone out?

Oh well, who cared?

I know right now I didn't.

"You still look tired!" Alex stated.

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