I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (67)

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Okay so I wanted the chapter to be longer and to put some more things into it but I decided to cut it short because I know you guys have been waiting for a while and I'll try to have the next one sooner!  

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In about three seconds I would just grab Blake by the shirt and kiss the crap out of him.

This would probably really help the whole "liking Blake and showing it to him" deal. Not that it was something I had been planning on doing today or anytime soon for that matter, since I just beginning to realize it myself, but the dimple smile and the "something other than school" just had my heart beat backwards and damn it I liked the boy sitting beside me...

Wow, control much Lexi?

It was yet again another of those look away and try not hyperventilating moment. I was having more and more of those lately, but really who could blame me after seeing Blake? After seeing and KNOWING Blake because the knowing made me swoon more. Heck if it hadn't been for the knowing there wouldn't even be any swooning. I would still despise him.

How pitiful would that be, because as much as all those feelings had my head spinning I wouldn't trade this for the world. I wouldn't trade the constant over-thinking if it meant no Blake...

"Well you can pick what well do as long as the mental images can stay far FAR away from my brain..." I trailed and shuddered a bit.

Yuck yuck yuck yuck!

"You know you're going to be scarred for life right? It's always going to be there waiting for the worst moment to pop in you mind" Blake started to rant smirking like an idiot and hitting or not-hitting the driver rule, I punched Blake on the shoulder.

"You know what? Shut up! And you're going to have the mental image too-" I said but Blake stopped me.

"But it's not my brother and my best friend!" he smirked even wider

"Again Blake! SHUT UP! And what the hell were you thinking taking them in picture!?" I hissed.

"I'm going to use it to black mail him if he ever feels like filling my gym locker with tampons again!"

"Well you better not be posting that everywhere!"

"Please, if you think I'd really put it on Facebook you clearly don't know me" Blake said rolling his eyes at me.

Actually, I had kind of figured he wouldn't do that. Blake wasn't a jerk, whatever I had been led to believe before. He wasn't a mean person.

"I know, I just wanted you to know I don't ever want to see that picture appear in an email or something and I would really love if we could just change subject. Like REALLY. Please?" I asked.

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