I Sold Myself to the Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (56)

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So today I woke up and... I didn't really plan on writing to say the least... but I did..

This chapter goes to C.  

Because you're one of the first to have encouraged my writing, to have actually read and listened to my crazy ideas, for nagging me to write more, for that time you actually dressed up as the bear for the play I wrote, for letting yourself being attacked by the bugs while we tried to shoot the movie I wrote in Sec1.. you died first in that too.. for the race in the school halls with your wheelchair and around the art class..

Remember I said there was actually some good from being sick when you got to meet Patrick Kane at the All-Star game... but you know what? I take it back... 

I miss you..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Seriously Travis, you really hit the jackpot!" Ashley, his friend, was saying again while she took another bite of Alex's chocolate cake "You really sure you're gay? Wouldn't want to dump Travis, come live with me and cook all the time" she asked Alex, making us all laugh.

At this point the dirty dishes from the chicken were on the counter, with all the dirty pans waiting to get wash.

Daph had easily made Travis blur his life story before he even had time to ask for a second serving.

We now knew that his parents had divorced when he was eight, he was an only child, he had always kinda knew he was gay and had dated the one publicly known guy in his school that was, but he wasn't really his type and "unnecessarily loud and obnoxious" as Ashley had put it so it hadn't last long. He accepted his orientation easily but he wasn't the kind to like scream it on roofs. He didn't mind but his life didn't center around that.

His acceptance of being gay, I think that's one of the things that Alex liked about him. I mean Alex, I'm sure he would have liked for people to know, to have this "weight" off his shoulder... but he was scared of how the guys would take it. I mean Travis wasn't the quarterback in a team full of machos. Maybe that wasn't a good excuse, but it was still true...

"Sorry Ashley, the second he changes his mind, he's ALL mine" Daphnee smirked at her.

"Oh and what about that flea market guy?" Alex asked, laughing, and then his eyes fell back on Travis, and gave him a look that made me want to turn my head and stare away.

I mean it's wasn't a dirty look, it was a loving look. The kind of way that made you feel like you were infiltrating something private you shouldn't see.

For one tiny fraction of a second I thought about the fact that he had never looked at me that way. Just long enough to realize I didn't mind.

"Who's the flea market guy?" Ashley asked, chuckling a little.

That's right she had missed the talk about him earlier.

"Just THE hotness guy on Earth. He's been torturing me, basically ignoring my attempts at dragging him into a dark alley! But he gave me his phone number the other day... well I kinda almost choked it out of him, anyway, not the point! So I have the phone number but I'm planning on not calling... to torture him too, though I doubt he will mind, so I'll stop minding, like soon, otherwise I'll become obsessed like Silly-Lexi here!" Daph rambled, giving me a mischievous smile at the end.

"I am NOT obsessed!" I scowled at her.

But I was...

"Please!" she rolled her eyes.

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