I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (76)

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Sorry for the long wait but as I had mentioned I had exams, lots of them, and now this week I don't have classes but I have been busy pretty much every day so no time for writing. Sorry I do have a pretty busy life and writing isn't a priority at the moment. I have a lot of things to do and problems to deal with so bleh! -_- Life sucks. And writing is supposed to be a way for me to escape and un-stress. Not stress. If I'm stressing over writing because I feel overly pushed I won't enjoy it anymore...

Now I'm not telling you guys I don't want you to stop messaging, I actually enjoy your messages quite a whole freaking lot and will answer to the ones I still haven't had time to get back to, but just understand that at the moment it's hard for me to concentrate on writing, and if I do write, it might be something else than this story. I have been in this "world" for over a year and it's getting straining on my brain... I have too many ideas bubbled up in my brain just waiting to have a chance to be heard and put on paper so I want to give those a little chance before I forget about them completely.

Now don't worry of course this story is my priority and of course I know you guys need Blake and of course I will still upload I just want you guys to understand how messed up my brain is lately! lol

On the other hand want me to show you guys the wicked tricks I can do with my tongue? Oh and I emptied a pumpkin today and let me tell you playing with the inside of a pumpkin is freaking awesome! It's all squishy... okay shut up Kay... lol

Enjoy! There's a nice part about Daph here I think you might like! ;P

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I don't know why but for some reason at that moment it was like there was some kind of collective "Aww" and "KISS HIM!" all jumbled up, ringing in my ears. Would thinking "Listen to the voices" make me even crazier than I was already becoming?

Why was Blake saying things like this? Why was Blake even with me right now? Why was Blake always there? Was it possible that for some out of this world reason Blake could actually, kind of, sort of, maybe like me? Because why would he always come back? Why would he spend all this time with me? Why would he hold my hand all the time? Why had he kissed me in the first place? Because Blake had said it once, he didn't kiss the bimbos because he didn't care about the bimbos. Why would he have kissed me, even if it was for the play, if he felt like you needed to care about someone to do so?

But he had kissed Stacey in the library. Well she had shove her tongue in his mouth, but still hadn't he left her do it? Had he been lying when he had said the no kissing thing? It was Clark who had brought it all up though... but could I trust Clark... Could this all just be some kind of really mean set up? Seriously why the hell would someone do that? I highly doubted Blake could have done that...

And I was seriously over thinking right now wasn't I?

And I could still feel his heart, his heart beating faster. Shouldn't that mean something?

I HAD to right?


Blake's chuckle brought me back to reality.

"What's funny?"

Oh my god could he listen to my thoughts and he found them completely ridiculous! I mean if he could read my thoughts it would explain SO many things!

Please, god, don't make him able to read my thoughts that would be SO embarrassing I begged mentally. I mean that's exactly what I needed having Blake know I picture him shirtless all the time.

Blake shook his head, smiling as little "Nothing"

Blake wearing a tutu. With a tiara. Singing some Barbie movie theme songs. Are there Barbie movie theme songs?

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