Chapter Twenty Four

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The ride to get back from the Creek was faster than the ride to go to the Creek.

After Blake's many kicks in Clark's seat, he had completely shut down the music, leaving Blake smirking arrogantly for the rest of the ride.

I wasn't paying attention to any of them. I was trying to think of a way to get out of going to the library with Blake to sleep instead... I mean come! The guys could wait until tomorrow! And I knew for a fact that there were pretty decent books at our school library! Why couldn't he just work with those?

Annoying prick!

When we reached Alex's house, everyone got out, to dispatch the bags and such.

"I'm picking you up at two" Blake told me while I walked to my car.

"I thought I was the one driving" I frowned

Blake broke into a laugh "Like I'm going to be driven around by a girl! Please! I'll do the driving you can enjoy yourself by bossing me around to tell me where to go"

"If I'm not driving I'm not coming!" I told him, folding my arms over my chest.

"Oh my god! Do you have any idea how sexual that sentence was!?!" Blake laughed hysterically.

I scowled at him "First, only your perverted mind would think so, second you're an ass and finally, you know what, I think I'm just going to stay home!"

"Oh but you can't Pumpkin! You have no say in this. I asked you to help me, and you have to. Do I need to show you that contract again, or you're just desperate to run in those halls naked?" Blake said with an evil smirk.

"I hate you"

"I'll pick you up at two" Blake simply answered with a big victory smirk and then walked to his car.


"Here Kitty" Alex said handing me my bag.


"Why the mad face?" he asked me.

"Blake annoys me" I frowned.

"Like that's new!" Alex laughed.

"Don't be mean or the consequences will be great mister Parker!" I told him, pointing him and then I swung my bag over my shoulder and walked to my car, Alex laughing behind.

I threw my bag on the back seat and then started my car and drove off to my house.

I was still wearing my sweat pants and hoodie, my shoes were a little muddy and I was in need of a shower. I don't know it's just a mental thing, I can't go on with my day if I know I haven't had a shower and I know I skipped it yesterday. I mean ya I swam in the Creek but it's all a mental thing! I need my shower before going to sleep and I had skipped it and now I felt all dirty.

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