I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (46)

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Doctor : Do you know why you were brought to this mental institute??

Me : Because I have a God-like syndrome and I think my scheme to rule the world is the only reasonable hope for our species survival which roughly resume includes a lot of slaughtering and the death of Zach Efron???

Doctor : No this isn't it...

Me : Because I seriously consider cannibalism as a way to save myself from starving??

Doctor : You are here because you took off your clothes, dipped yourself in honey and went running down Ventura Boulevard yelling, "Look at me! I'm a Golden Globe!"

(Chuck Lorre, my model ;P)

Alright so this is freaking long and I have no idea how I managed to pull it off but I did... I must be crazy.. lol

Oh and ya.. so Blake secrets TECHNICALLY it should be out.. and I emphasize on the TECHNICALLY, in the 49th chapter.. not 100% sure though.. and I have no idea when I upload again.. but not tomorrow for sure..

Alright so I hope you guys like this one... I haven't read it again, so it could be awful but I gotta go sleep, I have a dissertation to write on Chateaubriand's René tomorrow -_-

So read enjoy, comment and vote!!!! :D

Oh and little notice ****I do not own the rights to Victor Hugo's Hernani's play nor to Pierre Bedard's translation of it, the version used in this chapter. It is strickly used as way of entertainment and no copyrights infringements were intended.****

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If I just kept staring at him like this, things wouldn't go down smoothly. That much was freaking obvious.

He was too damn irresistible for his own good... there I said it! Blake was freaking irresistible and right now I wanted to kiss him! There you go! I admitted it! So what? It was only my hormones speaking! That was it. End of it! Period!

And I as much as I wanted to just tackle him to the ground right now, yes admitting it too, I didn't really want that.

I mean, it had been just a little over a week since we had really started speaking and being "friends" and as much as we had already been through, I didn't know how strong this friendship was. And I didn't want to ruin things. I didn't want to loose him because of some stupid move!

Alex had been a good example enough! If our friendship hadn't been so strong, we would never have been still as close after our break-up, because coupley-things did that to friends... and I didn't know how strong my friendship with Blake was and I didn't want to jeopardize anything.

Because I needed it. I needed this friendship... and I needed him...

"Come on Pumpkin, just ask me to take my sword out..." Blake said quietly, smirking just a tiny bit.

And just like that, Blake had made things go back to normal, and I rolled my eyes at him.

"I'm asking you to give me your sword, not to take it out!!" I sighed.

"Just as bad!" Blake chuckled.

"You're freaking unbelievable"

"Thanks... alright go on! Read!"

"Come now, give me your coat... and the sword..." I sighed deeply rolling my eyes and Blake burst laughing.

"I just love this! You know there's at least three jokes I can make with this line?"

"Please don't..."

"Fine..." Blake pouted and then continued "No. This is my other friend, innocent and true. Your uncle, Dona Sol, the old Duke, your future husband, is he here" Blake read and then lowered the script "Now Pumpkin... tss tss tss! What is that? Incest? Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Why the hell would you marry your uncle when you have sexy Hernani aka me in front of you?"

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