Chapter Eleven

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Alright so, I had a few options here.

One, I could run the hell away shouting incomprehensible things to make sure I wouldn't catch anything Blake would say to me.

Two, we were alone. People probably didn't know Blake came over here and Ty and I made a pact a while ago that we would cover up for the other one if we ever murdered anyone so well... that could be an option.

Three, and that was the one I didn't like, I could listen to what he had to say. In some way, it was the best option, because afterwards I could get rid of him. On the other hand, did I really want to know what that perv wanted from me? Most of my brain screamed no, but a little part of it, the curious one was dying to find out what it was he wanted.

Ugh! I hate this.

"Spill your beans Eaton," I finally said and let myself fall on my bed. Option three it is.

"Alright, so here's the thing," Blake started to say while pulling a chair to sit in front of me "You're good in school right?"

"Yeaaaaah," I drawled. Where were we going with this?

"You ace literature and chemistry and maths and all that crap?"

"Yes, well I'm not the best but I'm okay, I guess," I answered. Didn't like this, didn't like this one bit. What was the perv getting at?

"Look, I don't want to say I'm dumb or anything, I'm not dumb but I do have to admit that I've let myself slip up on a couple of subjects at school in the past," Blake started to admit.

I smiled, a fake, sweet smile. "Because you were more busy with running with a ball in your hands and sleeping with everything that has a vagina?"

"Ah ah! You're funny, aren't you?"Blake said in kind of a sarcastic way. "Listen, what I want is really simple and yet kinda complicated..."

"You're losing me Blake," I told him, my face blank, not amused.

Blake frowned for a second, like he was thinking about how much he should reveal to me. "I kind of made this deal with my parents. I need all my grades to be above average at the end of the year. If I manage to do that, they say it'll prove them I can actually take care of myself, in a weird way if you ask me, but whatever, and if I manage to do that then it's rock star life for me."

"And that's where I come handy," I added and I already knew what he wanted from me.

"Exactly! I'm not really supposed to have a tutor or anything like that and I can't cheat. But I figured that if someone just works with me, they can't complain. Plus I need someone who actually does their homework and projects and other crap like that."

"Oh you got the wrong person boy!" I answered and got off my bed. "Look it hasn't been a walk in the park lately for me, and my grades have been dropping and frankly I'm the queen at procrastinating so I never do anything on time, and I never do my homework."

"Well then I can help you get back in the right track," Blake said with a smirk.

"I don't think so."

"Come on! I'm not asking you to cover yourself in butter and run around the street. I just want you to help me," he all but pleaded.

"But what? Like I help you every time you ask for it, no matter what?"

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