I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (64)

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I've just had a lot of pleas and I figured in the end "Aww what the heck"

So instead of going to bed and torturing you guys more, I uploaded but will probably still torture you guys! ;P

Anyway ya... last chapter wasn't me giving in, that was more like me finally posting a part I had written down for ages now, because yes it was the plan all along my little addicted! lol

I really like that play, what can I say! ;P

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Oh and quick side note. Right now in the story it's September 26th. Blake's birthday is October 21st. Just a FYI and both Lexi and Blake are still 17 for those who wonder. And Tyler is 16. And Vanessa 17. And Josh 21. Jayden would have been 23 and Kendal is 22.

Ages are clear now? lol

If you want more info on all the characters, like birthday and such, I have a bunch of list like that, because yes I do that. I actually make my characters do quiz and stuff to know them better! lol (Yes I'm THAT pathetic! ;P) So if you have any questions just go ahead and ask. Sometimes I'm forgetful! lol Especially at 3 and a half in the morning! lol

So enjoy this. If you don't like the pace or whatever, or feel like I'm not getting anywhere, please don't be a bitch about it, I'm easily pissed lately, blame all the 10 hours shift in a row I've been getting and the pedaling to work under the rain. But hey! Good thing is my legs are simply sublime right now! ;P

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"What now?"

I kept repeating this over and over in my head.

What now?

What the hell was I supposed to do now? Was I supposed to talk about this with Blake after the play? Did this mean he liked me? Did this mean anything?

It didn't even HAVE to mean anything. It could mean nothing!

Oh my god...

What if it meant nothing?

What was I supposed to do then? If it meant nothing? What would I do? What should I say? Because I mean, I would still talk with Blake, interact with Blake, be friends with Blake. How could I be the same way as before, after kissing him?

Breathe Lexi! EFFING Breathe!

And I mean what did this mean to me? Why was I SO affected? Okay I probably knew the answer to that. But I wouldn't even as much as think it, because if that kiss didn't mean anything how much of a fool would I look and feel like?

And what do I say to Blake? Do I ask him about what just happened?

Because kissing didn't have to mean anything. It wasn't like in all those Hollywood perfectly ended movies where the two main characters at the end kissed and then lived happily ever after. In real life, most kiss didn't even mean anything.

But this was Blake... and wasn't Blake not supposed to kiss all his bimbos because he didn't care about them? So if he kissed me that meant he cared about me right? But what if I was just making things up in my mind and it really meant nothing and I was freaking out for nothing and oh god...

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