I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (47)

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Alright so if I get anyone complaining about the lenght I'm hunting you down! This is freaking long!

I had all sorts of witty things to say but my hands are getting too slow for my thought process and I have to sleep..

Oh one thing, I got hungry writing this.. lol  

And the fortune cookies are all actually true ones, and they were both paired like that, like I had one and my friend the other one, for both! Talk about fitting! :P

Oh and the song.. I just thought it was soooo fitting ;P

Okay, so ya..

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Major laugh right there!! Thanks to my stupid friend who gave it to me! I send it to È and she's addicted now! LOL

So anyway, read, enjoy, vote and comment! :D

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"So, you missed me Pumpkin?" Blake asked, his nice smile getting back into one of his oh so familiar smirk and put the books back on the floor. 

I rolled my eyes at him, as always "Yes I missed you so much Blake, I can't go on without you for more than ten minutes" I said sarcastically but for a second questioned myself.

Wasn't that sort of the truth lately?

God I was pathetic...

Really REALLY pathetic... and I should just stop it! It was just stupid!

"See how easy it was to admit Pumpkin!" he chuckled and walked towards me.

I rolled my eyes again.

"So? What are we working on first?" I asked him.

"Well, you could read my paper, so we'll be done with that and then we can finish the play and work on math after."

"Alright" I agreed and followed him to his computer. He closed the music and opened the file with his work on WWII.

"Enjoy!" he laughed, letting me sit on the chair before going back to his library.

"Josh convinced you to be more careful with your books?" I asked him, smiling a little.

"Ya... he threatened to bring Miss Puss in if I didn't and I do not enjoy cat's hair all over my things!" Blake snorted.

I laughed a little, hit by the innuendo right there, but then shook my head frowning.

Wow. Blake is getting into a bad influence...

I shook my head again, slightly, and focused my gaze back on the file in front of me, read it, getting a little pissed by it actually.

He freaking knew how to write too!

Why the hell had he even asked for my help? He sure as hell didn't need it!!

That paper was like... awesomeness...

Why'd he have to freaking master everything?!

"What? Is it that bad?" Blake asked, and I turned my head to see him frowning.

"No, the exact contrary actually... Blake? Did you lie? You know with the whole "I need your help at school" thing?"

"Why would you ask that?"

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