Chapter Twenty Nine

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New chapter!!!! :D

Okay so I know last chapter was sad but I think I deserved a freaking medal for pulling it off!! I mean the line between hot angry make-out and killing the other one was pretty thin, I tell you! ;P

This chapter could have been better and I know I have to check for misspelling and such but it's almost two in the morning so I'll do that tomorrow... And I really wanted to give it to you guys soon!! :P

So I hope you like it...

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I just stayed there, shocked staring at Blake's back, my mind completely blank.

What the hell had just happened?

I got ready to just run after him again, and I don't know apologize or something, but then the bell rang, and I had to get to class...

Damn Blake! Minutes ago, I was the one furious at him, and now I actually felt guilty for screaming at him like that!

That bitch was soo using reverse psychology! And it was freaking working!

I walked to my class, grasping what Blake had just said, what had just happened...

Was he really serious? Would he really stop talking to me? Stop annoying me and almost stalking me?

But the real question that bothered me the most was; was this really what I wanted...?

When I got to my class, I plopped on the first empty seat trying to think about something else but then, few minutes later, sure thing, Blake walked in the room.

Hmmm... I didn't even remember him being in this class with me... wow... How stupid and unobservant am I really?

He looked sad... If I hadn't believed in the sad eyes before, now I was sold... and the weirdest thing was that he went to talk with Mark and he didn't even seemed to notice it.

How could I have not seen this sooner?

I mean, seriously?

"Earth to Lexi!" Daphnee said, snapping her fingers in front of my face.

Damn, I hadn't even seen her sit in front of me.

"You staring at the hot football player?" she asked smirking a little

"I'm not staring!" I answered hastily.

"Oh you're sooo staring! Damn! When did this start? I mean, I'm here every day for over a year after her last boy toy and then I leave two weeks, two weeks, and that's when my fellow bitch decides to have a fling for the hot jock! I'm hurt!"

"Shut up! That's so not what's going on here!"

"Oh so there's no emotional attachment, it's strictly a sexual thing?"

"Daphnee, not even funny!" I told her, scowling a little but she waved the matter away with her hand.

"Cause just so you know our pimp won't agree with this!"

"Thought we were free agents now?" I answered her, trying to change the topic...

"Nope, we're back with a pimp! The business was too slow without him..." she said and chuckled a little "Speaking of our pimp, you're coming with us this weekend we have to go shopping, and I want that box for CD with the Beatles written on it!! And I want us to go to that clothes shop I never remember the name of, with the sexy cashier!"

"You realize that dude was gay right?" I laughed.

"Ya I know, it's not for me, it's for our pimp!" she said and smirked a little "Noticed how he's texting all the time? I mean I had one period with him and that's all he was doing! I'm telling you, that boy is hiding something from us!" she whispered to me.

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