Chapter Thirty Three

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"Ya obviously!! So let me get this straight... you have a freaking HUGE library filled with books, some of them being French because you freaking speak it, and now you say you PAINT? What else am I missing?" I asked him incredulous.

"I play the piano... well played... haven't for a while... I might suck now..." Blake trailed laughing a little.

"Do you write or sing too while we're at it?" I scowled...

Why did he have to do everything??

"Sorry Pumpkin, I'm just like you for the singing thing! I sound like an agonizing animal hit by a van on the side of the high way" Blake smirked, and I slapped him.

"You mean prick!! No one was supposed to HEAR me sing!!" I hissed at him and then slapped him again for my own pleasure.

"Tss tss tss! That's no way to treat your host Pumpkin, come on lighten up... I'm sure there's a few deaf people who wouldn't mind your singing..."

I was about to slap him again but then a little voice stopped me.

"I have burritos!! And miss Claudia call, so I say to little miss, Mister Blake would like better hump a bunny than taking miss on date" the cute little maid, Anita, that was her name, said, and it took all my self control to not burst laughing because those words coming out of her mouth were just hilarious.

"Thanks Ani!" Blake smirked a little and then got up and walked up to her to get the food.

"Tenías razón es muy bonita." She said to him in a little voice, with half a smile.

Alright what the hell?

"¿Qué? Yo nunca dije eso." Blake frowned.

"Se nota cuando la miras..." she answered him with a small smile, proudly almost.

"Usted y Josh debrían pasar más tiempo juntos, estoy seguro que se divertirían mucho riendose de mi." Blake scowled a little, rolling his eyes at her.

"¡Eso ya lo hacemos!" she answered him, with something that was close to a smirk and the she turned around and walked away.

Blake was mumbling something, profanities I think, while walking back to the couch with the four burritos covered in plastic wrap in his hands and then he tossed two to me.

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