Chapter Three

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 Chapter Three

I was waiting in the restaurant, sitting at a table, alone.

            My mother hadn't showed up yet. So typical of her.

            I felt pretty bad just waiting there with a good proportion of the male clientele giving me furtive glances now and then. I looked totally out of place.

            Maybe Alex and I had over done it.

            My brown hair was all messily curly and we had put some kind cream in it that made it glitter and I had mascara and eyeliner and silvery eye shadow and red lipstick.

            I really didn't look like myself, did I?

            I kept staring at everything on the table and not at the people around me, fidgeting with anything my hands could get on. My head snapped up though when I heard someone wolf whistle.



            "Well, well if it isn't Miss Library looking all sexed-up," he greeted and sat in the chair in front of me grinning.

            Damn, I really didn't need this right now...

            "Well, well if it isn't Mister I-Do-It-In-Public-Place looking cocky as usual," I answered dryly.

            Just leave, I thought. What was he doing here? He had no reason to be here, especially, here, at my table. Was this just God's crude way to mock me because I had decided to dress like a whore and he was a manwhore?

            "So who's the lucky bastard who'll have the honour of stripping you out of this lovely dress," Drake inquired, looking at me like I was meat.

            "Would you just leave, we can always continue this oh so entertaining little chat... well never," I tried not to snap at him when answering, guessing that could only please him and looked around desperately wanting to see my mom right now.

            He smirked. "How about you come with me and we continue it in the bathroom?"

            Really? Did he really just say that?

            "What makes you think your wash-up pick up line will work with me Drake?" I snorted, annoyed.

            For the first time, his smirk suddenly vanished off his face. He was actually... frowning. "My name's Blake."

            I snorted again. "Yeah, right!"

            "I think I know my name," he stated in a leveled tone, the frown still plastered on his face.

            Hmm... well what did you know? Why had I always thought it was Drake?

            "That sure shows how much I don't give a crap about you, now if you could just leave, I would be really grateful," I answered him with a fake smile.

            "I don't think so. I want to meet your boyfriend," he beamed and the evil grin was back on his face in full mode.

            Great. That's what it was all about? I had made fun of him and now he wanted to get back?

            I so didn't need this right now. I was already stressed out with the whole "I haven't seen my mom in like forever and I don't know what I'll say to her". I really didn't need this!

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