Chapter One

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Chapter One

I ran my fingers through my hair and stared at the shelf in front of me.

           Alright. There was no way in hell I could squeeze the big encyclopaedia that was sitting on my carry-on on that shelf.

           I let out a big sigh and walked back to my counter.

           I loved working at the library—well this was more a volunteer curriculum activity but whatever—and I loved being surrounded by all these books, but the no space deal, not so much.

           While I mumbled angrily about that fact and walked back to the counter where you checked books out, that's when I heard a high pitch giggle and turned around to see who was coming in.

           And oh, surprise surprise, it was Drake Eaton carrying with him one of his fake platinum blond and orange tanned conquests.

           That was another thing I hated about this library, aside from the no space deal; the fraking seminars! Stupid rooms the size of freaking closets that student were suppose to used to study in little groups. But that was the only thing people didn't do in them! I didn't even go near them.

           I didn't even want to think about how dirty they must really be.

           It was simply disgusting! We were in school for crying out loud, not in a brothel!

           "I'm not sure about this... Are you sure we won't get caught," the girl whispered too loudly still giggling.

           "Don't worry babe," Drake answered with one of his seductive half smiles.

           The girl giggled again and stuck her tongue in his mouth.

           Wow, way to go girl! It's all about girl power, I thought dryly and rolled my eyes at them.

           Drake Eaton was—as anyone could easily guess—the school jock. Every girl wanted him, every guy wanted to be him...blah blah blah.

           All of this was way too predictable for me.

           Now sitting behind the counter, I picked up the encyclopaedia and started to turn the pages not really seeing what was in front of me.   

           A few minutes later, the poor girl ran out of the seminar crying, her hair everywhere, her blouse half way unbuttoned.

           "Aw, come on, I didn't mean," Drake said as he rushed out of the room, his shirt in his hand.

           Well that was a first, a totally inappropriate first, but still a first.

           I couldn't help myself from grinning at this.

           Take that, asshole!

           Of course, my smiling didn't go unnoticed. "What are you staring at," he asked me rudely.

           "A public humiliation," I answered grinning even more.

           "That's funny, I thought you were drooling over my perfect body," he replied with his cocky attitude.

           Well it's not like I hadn't notice how hot his perfect muscled chest was. Pretty much everything about him was hot, starting with his perfectly tousled golden-brown hair, his grey eyes and his athletic and tall body.

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