I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (79)

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Okay so let’s clear a few things first because I don’t want to keep repeating myself. Do imagine me doing the bunny-hop though while reading this so I don’t sound like an uber-biatch because it’s not the purpose of this rant! lol


Uno. Few of y’all over reacting kiddies misread my last beginning rant. I meant it as in you won’t care what happens next in THAT specific chapter, not as in the story in itself. I’ve been planning and thinking about the next few chapters for SO long I’d be the dumbest chick if I skipped it! So YES I’m still into that story, YES I will finish it, no stories will ever be left unfinished. Might take time (like years with for instance the Chosen One, lol) but I will finish everything I write. Okay? So no more “oh she just isn’t into that story anymore, sucks we’ll never get an end blah blah blah crap” I never said that so don’t assume. 0_0

Dos. I haven’t uploaded fast enough for your liking for a few reasons. For one thing I’m back to college and the amount of work I have could put a lot of you into a burn out. I have to train for my fracking marathon, I have three expositions to prepare so that means a LOT of sculpting and painting and drawing to do, many many hours to put into it, and I need to call people to finance it, and I have to write letters to a bunch of people and a lot of preparation because yes there’s planning to do when you expose your stuff. I also have my final redacting class so I need to write a whole lot of stuff for that class, and no I can’t put one of my stories because it’s a French class. I also need to plan things because I’m moving next semester, specializing in English Lit in University so that’s a lot of planning and test doing, because yes I have tests to pass for that and I’m moving town, leaving my boys and that’s a lot of whining for finally agreeing to come back on the weekends. But the most “important” thing is I’ve been sick. Really really really sick. Almost puking my guts out, fainting, gut wrenching pain sick. Tingly feeling in my legs and hands sick. Head spinning sick. Can’t breathe sick. Pain in the chest when breathing sick. Crying curled up in a little ball because of pain sick. Chief almost dragging me one his back to the hospital sick. So basically in no condition to write sick.

I know I had said I wouldn’t make you guys wait that long again, but one cannot predict when sickness will hit them again, so if you want to complain to someone complain to my college, my body or my fracking immune system.

On the plus side, if I die È has all my codes and the last chapter of “I Sold..” and few extra chapters are already written so you’ll still get what you want. Happy? 0_0

I’m sure I had other stuff to sort out with you guys but right now I’m on the verge of fainting again, so you’ll excuse my light-headness.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

When I walked in the girl’s camp that’s when the freaking out hit me.

I wasn’t freaking out about kissing Blake though, no that was… wow… I had a hard time believing it had actually happened… no I was freaking out because I didn’t know what I was suppose to say. People would ask questions, obviously, girls liked gossips and some must have noticed I never got back to the camp last night. Daphnee was just bound to make inappropriate comments.

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